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International Women's Day Celebration (8th March, 2013)

In observation of the International Women's Day, the M.S.C.W., in collaboration with the Department of Social Welfare had organized a series of Awareness Programmes on the issue of Crimes and Violence against Women and Children at:

  1. Demseiniong Community Hall on 2nd March, 2013 - in collaboration with the Local Dorbar Shnong, having participants from women's and youth groups.
  2. Bharat Nirman Hall, 5th Mile on 5th March, 2013 - with resource persons from Ka Lympung ki Seng Kynthei (K.L.K.S.K.), Meghalya State Legal Services Authority (M.S.L.S.A.) and North East Network (N.E.N.) who focused on Gender Sensitization and the Role of the Community in preventing any related crime or violence against women and children.
  3. Umlyngka Community Hall Village on 8th March, 2013 - where an individual - Smti. Estilian Mylliem, Umlong for contributing towards uplifting the status of women in her capacity - and two organizations - North East Network (N.E.N.) for raising women's rights issues, strengthening support services for women, organizing trainings/ workshops and publishing material to disseminate information on women's issues in the state; the Mawklot Self Help Group for uplifting the economic livelihood programme and its activities to empower women - were felicitated for their service and contribution on women's issues

Exposure Trip to Kerela (10th to 13th March, 2013)

The first exposure trip was undertaken to the state of Kerela by the members of the M.S.C.W., led by the Chairperson, the objective of which was to examine the programmes and facilities available with other State Commissions, and hence exchange ideas, views and adapt new policies which other State Commissions are working with. Smti. T.Phanbuh, Chairperson inaugurated the Women Cell of Christ Nagar College at Maranalloor, Trivandrum.

Felicitation programme (20th March, 2013)

The M.S.C.W. felicitated the four newly elected State women legislators at the office of the Commission. This victory, for the first time is a source of great pride to all women in the state to have an increase number of women elected representatives in the State Assembly.

Orientation programme for Medical Officers and Police Personnel (22nd March, 2013)

The M.S.C.W. in collaboration with District Social Welfare Office, East Khasi Hills organized a one day Orientation Programme for Medical Officers, Police Personnel and Officers from the Forensic Department on issues relating to Crime and Violence against Women and Children at the State Resource Centre, Civil Hospital. The resource persons at the programme were Smti. Darilyn Syiem, Chairperson, North East Network, Dr. A. D. Ropmay, Associate Professor, Department of Forensic Medicine, NEIGRIHMS, Shri. Vivek Syiem, Additional Superintendent of Police, East Khasi Hills and Smti. M. Kharkongor Member M.S.C.W., who facilitated sessions on Gender and Power Relations, Forensic Data in a Clinical Setting, and the Role of Police with special emphasis on Crimes against Women, respectively.

Awareness Programmes

  1. Sensitization and Interactive Programme, Williamnagar (26th April, 2013) - Being the first of its kind in the district, the programme was conducted in collaboration with the District Administration, in view of the gang rape incidence and rising number of crimes against women, particularly in East Garo Hills. It was graced by Smti. Deborah C. Marak, Social Welfare Minister, who emphasized on the need for a comprehensive mechanism in order to safeguard womenfolk. The resource persons were Dr. (Mrs.) Sanghamitra Barik, Assistant Director, National Institute of People Co-operation and Child Development, who spoke on Domestic Violence, Legislations, Schemes and Programmes for women and children in difficulties, and Shri. P. L. Sebastian, Advocate, who deliberated on the role of stakeholders in tackling cases of violence, particularly rape, in the district and Smti. M.Kharkongor Members M.S.C.W. on different legislation with regards to offences against women.
  2. Legal Awareness and Sensitization Programmes at:
    1. Khliehriat, East Jaintia Hills (30th April, 2013) - It was conducted for Heads of the traditional institution and NGOs, in collaboration with the District Administration under Shri. A. Bhagotia, District Commissioner. The resource persons present were the Superintendent of Police (S.P.), Smti. Z. E. Lyngdoh, District Social Welfare Officer (D.S.W.O.), Smti. R. Kynjing, District Child Protection Officer, and Smti. I Kharshandi, North East Network.
    2. Mawkyrwat, South West Khasi Hills (19th June, 2013) - It was organized in collaboration with the District Administration for Heads of the traditional institution, prominent women organizations and higher secondary school students. The Chief Guest for the programme was Shri. Rowell Lyngdoh, Honorable Deputy Chief Minister, and the resource persons included the Superintendent of Police (S.P.), the District Social Welfare Officer (D.S.W.O.), and a representative from the Meghalaya State Legal Services Authority (M.S.L.S.A.).
  3. Advocacy cum Interactive Programmes on Crime Against Women and Children at:
    1. Mairang, West Khasi Hills (23rd July, 2013) - It was organized for Heads of traditional institutions, students and prominent N.G.Os. The programme was inaugurated by Additional Deputy Commissioner In-Charge, Mairang Civil Sub-Division, and presided by Sordar Lumsohkhlur. The interaction was very fruitful and they recommended that similar programmes be organized for all the traditional head of the Sub- Division.
    2. Sohra, East Khasi Hills (7th October, 2013) - It was organized for Heads of Traditional Institutions and women's groups. The programme was attended by Shri. F. Syiem, Syiem Sohra, Shri. C. C. Diengdoh, Sub-Division Officer, Shri. I. Swer, Sub-Divisional Police Officer and representatives from Government Departments. The participants highlighted the need for an effective mechanism and coordinative effort of the different stake holders in dealing with cases of crime against women and children.
  4. Gender Sensitization for Health Care Providers (7th October, 2013) - The programme was organized in collaboration with the District Administration of Jowai, West Jaintia Hills. The aim of the programme was to sensitize Medical Officers in the District in their role and responsibilities of handling cases of crime against women and children. Dr. Adreena Lyngdoh, Senior Medical Officer, Ganesh Das Hospital, was the resource person for the session on the Role of Health Care Providers in addressing Crimes against Women.


16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence Campaign, 2013:

  1. 25th November, 2013 - The M.S.C.W., in collaboration with other Government Departments and NGOs, had organized a rally to observe the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, with over a hundred participants from colleges, universities, women's organizations and Headmen from different localities. The rally was organized to mark the importance of the day and to raise awareness of the fact that women in the State and around the world the world are subject to Rape, Domestic Violence and other forms of violence. The rally started from Madan Iewrynghep and concluded at State Central Library. A Slogan and Poster competition was organized for college/university students. . In the Valedictory Function, Shri. B. R. Rana, IGP (CID), Meghalaya Police made important statements on the grave situation of rampant increase in rape and other cases of crimes against women.

7th December, 2013 - The M.S.C.W. had organized a one day workshop on Cases Related to Women: How are they dealt with effectively by your Department, in collaboration with the District Administration at Tura, West Garo Hills

Legal Awareness Programmes

The Meghalaya State Commission for Women in collaboration with District Administration had organized a one day Legal Awareness Programme in the month of January and February 2014 on Legislations for Women and Children in different Districts and Blocks of the State. These programmes were sponsored by the National Commission for Women, New Delhi. The programmes were attended by members of the Commission, officials from different departments and local Non- Governmental Organizations. Sessions on different topics related to Legislations for Women and Children were taken by resource persons representing different governmental departments and NGO, viz the Social Welfare Department, Police Department, North East Network and also members of the Commission. Recommendations and suggestions were raised by participants after each and every programmes.


State Level Convergence Workshop on Socio- Economic Development for Women.

The Meghalaya State Commission for Women in collaboration with the State Resource Centre for Women had organized a State Level Convergence Workshop on Socio Economic Development for Women on 21 March, 2014 in Shillong. This workshop was sponsored by the National Commission for Women, New Delhi. Shri. K.S. Kropha, Additional Chief Secretary, Government of Meghalaya was the Chief Guest. Shri. H.M. Shangpliang, Director Social Welfare Department, Smti. Theilin Phanbuh Chairperson, Members of the Meghalaya State Commission for Women, officials from Social Welfare Department and participants representing various women's organizations were present in the workshop.

Through this workshop the Commission was able to

  • To disseminate information to women about the various development programme initiated by the Government
  • To enable women to gain access and information to the different schemes and where to approach
  • To bring together women from all over the State to a common platform to discuss their issues and challenges
  • To create a pathway and empower women to come to the forefront and exercise their rights.
    The Resource Persons were from different Government Departments who had highlighted about the various development scheme and programmes for Women.

Recommendations/ Suggestions:

The amount of the old age pension scheme and Widows Pension Scheme is very low. There is a need for the policy makers to revise and increase the amount.

In case of any discrepancies with any scheme, women should come forward can file a complaint with the higher officials

  • Subsidized loans should be provided for women entrepreneurs. Rate of interest should be reduced from the existing rate of 11%
  • The same information and workshop should be held at District level.